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To celebrate the days of warm weather, join us for an entire day of bliss in the charming setting of an old provencal home. Let your body and mind rejuvenate and relax. The morning starts with 90 minutes of outdoor yoga in the shade of the ash wood tree. Following the yoga there is an hour long DO-IN class to teach you the art of auto-massage. At noon a tasty and healthy lunch is served. In the afternoon you are welcome to choose a massage whether it be a traditional Oil Massage or a Shiatsu massage by a professional masseuse. You are welcome to join us for any part of the day that is the most tantalizing for you.

DATES 2022
Sun, June 19
Sun, July 10
Sun, Sept 4

10-11h30 Outdoor yoga:  20€
12-14h Super yummy gluten-free Lunch:  15€
14h + Afternoon massage: Reflexology, Traditional Oil Massage, Shiatsu
30€/30 mins, 55€/60 mins
Lounging & lingering in the sunshine or shade: priceless



The Traditional Oil Massage or Sensitive Gestalt Massage (Florence BESTION) is a full body massage that uses oils. It is a synthesis of different traditions (Oriental, Swedish, Californian). The hand movements restructure the body and thus create a deep relaxation on a physical and psychological level.
30 mins: Massage « découverte », Scalp-Face-Head or Back-Legs or Back-Arms, Baby Massage
60 mins: Full Body Massage

Shiatsu (France BUTTIN) is a Japanese acupressure technique that consists of restoring and maintaining health by adjusting and balancing the body’s primary communication system – the energy system. Based on the traditional Chinese medicine it uses the meridians and acupuncture points to maintain and/or restore natural energy flow. « Shia-tsu » means adding pressure with the fingers but also with the palms of the hand, elbows, knees and feet.
30 mins: Massage « découverte »
60 mins: Full massage

Reflexology (Julia CICERO) is a practice which applies pressure to specific reflex points on the feet (and also on the hands). The foot (and hand) is like a map of the body; each reflex point corresponds to organs, glands or body part. The pressure applied to these specific points stimulates healing accompanied by a deep relaxation.
30 mins: Massage « découverte »
60 mins: Full massage (feet only or feet + hands)


Please reserve your spot one week in advance or the Retreat Day with your payment in full. Spaces are limited. Send an email to or call

**In the event of poor weather conditions, the morning yoga will take place inside the Home studio.

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