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During pregnancy, yoga is a wonderful way to stay in shape and to get in touch with your baby-to-be. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogini, you are welcome to join us. Practicing yoga in pregnancy helps you maintain strength, flexibility, and good posture. Moreover, it helps you to keep a clear mind in preparation for labor, delivery and motherhood.

If you are new to yoga, please consult the instructor right away. You are welcome to integrate into the weekly classes in St. Chamas. The instructor will be very gentle in guiding you through poses that are designed to protect your baby, relieve back pain, facilitate breathing and allow you deep relaxation. The earlier you start in your pregnancy, the better

For the experienced yoginis, you can happily continue your yoga practice throughout your pregnancy. As you progress through the trimesters and your belly grows, a few adaptations will be necessary. This is a time to recognize your limits and take it easy. The instructor will discuss with you poses to avoid, in addition to poses beneficial for pregnancy.

After you have your baby, a 6 week recovery time is generally recommended for a vaginal birth and at least 2 months after a cesarean. The ultimate decision to return to yoga, of course, is up to you.

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